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Dates: 1 – 8 June 2020 (TBC) Places available

Price: £1,195

Single Room Supplement: £100

Deposit: £150 per person

Price Includes: Accommodation, all meals, ground transport, services of guides & holiday report

Not Included: International flights, travel insurance, entry to archaeological areas, drinks & other personal items

Conservation Donation: 10% of profits donated to Butterfly Conservation

Leader(s): Dr Yiannis Christofides

Group Size & Travel: Minimum 4 & maximum 12 guests + 1-2 leaders.

Grade: Generally easy walking at a very gentle pace

Holiday Highlights

  • A unique tour focusing on the butterflies of Cyprus 
  • Endemic Paphos blue, Levantine Leopard, Grass Jewel, Dark Grass Blue are just some of the special species we will look for
  • Led by local naturalist, author & very popular guide Dr Yiannis Christofides
  • Two centre tour at a very slow pace designed for maximum butterfly watching in the field and to enjoy all the other fauna and flora we will encounter during the week
  • Plenty of other interesting wildlife which we will also observe
  • Tour supports Butterfly Conservation

Join our ever popular guide Dr Yiannis Christofides in Cyprus for a unique tour to look for the island’s most special butterflies!


Holiday Guide

Dr Yiannis Christofides is a botanist living in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus. Having obtained a degree in Chemistry from the University of London he returned to his mountain village where he took up botany. This led to a new book on the Orchids of Cyprus. Several new plants were recorded for Cyprus and new locations were found for old ones. In 2018 Yiannis published his own up to date Illustrated Flora of Cyprus.

His interests include Orchids round the Mediterranean, the Floras of Cyprus, Greece and Turkey and also the flora of European Mountains. He takes a keen interest in other life-forms such as Butterflies and other Insects, Reptiles, Dragonflies and even Lichens. He likes to share his knowledge with members of his groups and his infectious enthusiasm makes him one of our most popular leaders. Yiannis is also knowledgeable about the geology and history of areas he visits.

Join our ever popular guide Dr Yiannis Christofides for a brand new butterfly tour in his ‘local patch’ of Cyprus! 

Cyprus hosts a number of interesting butterfly species difficult to see elsewhere, as well as the iconic endemic Paphos Blue. Early June has been chosen to maximise the number of species to be seen and we can expect to see somewhere between 30-40 species.

Paphos Blue is an early butterfly on the wing from March to June, whilst the Levantine Leopard is a later species appearing in June. It this thus hoped to see both of these species, as well as many others on the wing at this time.

The current species list for Cyprus stands at a total of 53. There are 3 endemic species (Paphos Blue Glaucopsyche paphos, Cyprus Grayling Hipparchia cypriensis & Cyprus Meadow Brown Maniola cypricola and 3 endemic subspecies (Eastern Festoon Allancastria cerisyi ssp. cypria), Eastern Rock Grayling Hipparchia syriaca ssp. cypriaca and the Hermit Chazara briseis ssp. larnacana).

The following are some of the other species possible to see during the tour – Small Bath White Pontia chloridice, Lesser Fiery Copper Lycaena thersamon, Lang’s Short Tailed Blue Leptotes pirithous, Little Tiger Blue Tarucus balkanicus, Small Desert Blue Chilades galba(a species of Cyprus, Southern Turkey and the Arabian Peninsula), Southern White Admiral Limenitis reducta,Cardinal Argynnis pandora, White Banded Grayling Pseudochazara anthelea, and Oriental Meadow Brown Hyponephele lupina.

For more information please visit the Cyprus Butterflies website.

Whilst our main targets will be the butterflies we shall also aim to see some of the islands other interesting fauna, including the endemic Cyprus Wheatear and Cyprus warbler, as well as some of its plants, dragonflies and other interesting wildlife.

This tour will appeal to the butterfly enthusiast seeking interesting species and who will enjoy exploring and studying the islands butterfly fauna as a whole.

Day 1: Arrival and overnight in Paphos. Before checking in at our hotel we will spend a little time at Mandria Beach to look for Lesser Fiery Copper and some of our other common butterflies.

Days 2: Mavrokolymbos reservoir. Overnight Paphos.  African Ringlet, (Yptima asterope) is on the wing earlier in spring but is occasionally seen later in the season, so we will try to see if there are some still on the wing.  We should also see some of the other common butterflies such as the Hermit and Cyprus Meadow Brown and we’ll look for Millet Skipper (Pelopidas thrax) and Pigmy Skipper (Gegenes pumilo).

Day 3: Xeros potamos. Overnight Paphos. Today we will visit the habitat of Levantine Leopard (Apharitis acamas), one of our main targets for the week. Depending on time we may also visit Aspro kremmos reservoir to look for Cyprus warbler.

Day 4: Transfer to Platres via the Akrotiri peninsula. Overnight Platres. Targets for today are Small Desert Blue (Chilades galba), Lang’s Short-tailed Blue and Dark Grass blue (Zizeeria karsandra).

Day 5: Trooditissa area Prodromos. Overnight in Platres. Our target species are Paphos blue, Cardinal, Small bath white, Purple Hairstreak, Holly Blue, Long-tailed Blue, Cleopatra and Southern White Admiral. The Nettle tree butterfly is very rare in Cyprus  and we will travel the short distance to Prodromos to look for it. Eastern Rock Grayling, Cyprus Grayling, White-banded Grayling and Oriental Meadow Brown should be emerging now.

Day 6: Vasa, Mandria, Aphames. Overnight Platres. Today we shall look for Grass Jewel, (Chilades trochylus) and Lattice Brown

Day 7: Koutrafas. Overnight Platres. Our main target for today is Little Tiger Blue.

Days 8: Departure

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