If you are interested in the natural world and experiencing it in a relaxed atmosphere with like minded people then we are sure you will have a great time on one of our holidays. It absolutely does not matter what level of knowledge or experience you have, and in fact we find that having a group with a diverse range of both makes for an interesting mix and opportunities for sharing and helping each other.

Our holidays can be enjoyed by anyone but many have a distinct focus. Check out our holiday themes below.


…One of the best (if not THE best) European birding trips we have had – and we’ve had lots! This was the ‘real’ Greece, in a ‘real’ village! We really enjoyed the slow pace and time allowed to really watch and listen to fantastic birds in all the different habitats. We particularly liked the abundance of everything, especially the Golden Orioles, Turtle Doves and Hoopoes!

Alec & Kay, Suffolk