Greenwings Loyalty Discount

Because we truly value every one of our guests as individuals and friends we would like to say thank you to anyone that has been on a Greenwings holiday by offering a 5% discount off any future booking made with us.

Greenwings Group Discount

If your party is 3 or more people you will be eligable for 5% off the listed price of your booking. This offer is applicable to any of our holidays.

So why not encourage friends to join you on a wildlife holiday? Or other members of local groups and societies that you belong to, such as RSPB groups, Butterfly Conservation branches, Natural History societies and so on. What better way to enjoy your shared interests than on holiday surrounded by a richness of flora, fauna and varied and interesting culture.

A wildlife holiday and all the memories and photos you’ll return with also make great material to give a feedback talk or presentation to other members at your meetings. We’d be happy to discuss coming along to talk to your groups and give a slideshow too.

Please note: we regretfully cannot offer the group discount in combination with the loyalty discount (or any other discounts) above, thus 5% is the maximum discount.