17.7.15-Tristan-identifying-a-burnetTristan Lafranchis is a celebrated expert and author. His published works include the highly acclaimed field guide “Butterflies of Europe” and the wonderfully illustrated two-volumed work “Flora of Greece” in 2009. Find out about Tristan’s latest books here. Tristan’s knowledge of the wilder parts of France, Spain & Greece, particularly their butterflies and plants, is second to none. This and his friendly and easy-going manner make him an invaluable and much sought after leader. Tristan is also a proficient birder and a keen herpetologist. He speaks fluent English, French, Italian and good Greek.

Tristan was the 2011 winner of the Marsh European Lepidoptera Award, which recognises the efforts of those whose work has had a major and positive impact on butterfly and moth conservation within Europe. In summarising some of Tristan’s special qualities they said, “Those who have accompanied him in the field are constantly amazed how the combination of botanical and butterfly knowledge produce an insight into a butterfly fauna that is shared by very few. If the food plant is there he will find the egg or the caterpillar. This sort of knowledge is the product of a field season that starts in February and ends in November”.