Razvan Chisu

Razvan is a garden designer, editor of the Saxifrage Magazine (Saxifrage Society) and writes for various other gardening magazines. He also offers horticultural consultancy and has been giving talks to gardening groups and conferences for the past 5 years.

After gaining a BSc and MSc in Horticulture he worked with plants for 20 years, starting as a technician in the Herbarium of the Botanical Garden in Cluj, Romania, and then creating and managing gardens in Transylvania and subsequently in the UK.

Razvan was fortunate to grow up in Transylvania in a town surrounded by vast woodlands and species-rich wildlife meadows, a fact that has influenced the way he designs and maintains gardens. His interest extends to looking for plants in the wild and leading wildlife tours where he shares his interest and knowledge of botany. So far, he has organised and led tours to Transylvania, Spain, Greece and Sweden.

In his spare time Razvan likes to be involved in the community and is currently serving on the committees of the Alpine Garden Society East Cheshire Group and The Saxifrage Society. He is also a member of several plant societies: the Scottish Rock Garden Club, Hardy Plant Society, The Cyclamen Society, the British Pteridological Society, etc.

Razvan is currently developing an exciting ‘Botany & Butterflies’ tour in Romania, to be co-led by Dr Simon Spencer. We aim to launch this tour in May 2021 – get in touch to find out more or register your interest in booking places.