Steve Mills & Hilary KollSteve Mills & Hilary Koll manage BirdWING(Birdwatching in Northern Greece), a charity that they set up to raise awareness of birds in Greece and to raise money for the conservation and restoration of bird habitat in the region.

Steve and Hilary are award-winning writers and have written over 200 books for teachers, parents and children in the UK. Steve also writes a Birdwatch column for the Athens News, an English-language newspaper in Greece. As a result of connections with the management staff at the Evros Delta, Steve and Hilary have also written a children’s bird book, translated into Greek & sold in Greece to raise funds for bird protection. They have also written two site guides, raising money for projects such as building a tern raft at Kerkini.

Steve is also a proficient wildlife photographer. In 2011 he won the Birds: Behaviour category in the prestigious Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards for his picture of a Merlin with a Snipe. He was also a winner in the International Wildbird Photographer of the Year awards. For more of Steve’s photography see here – Steve Mills Bird Photography.