Paul Fraser studied Marine and Freshwater Biology before going on to study for an MSci in Fisheries Management. After graduating from the University of Glasgow, Paul went on to work as a Freshwater Biologist and later an Aquatic Ecologist. Whilst identifying aquatic invertebrates via microscopy work, Paul realised he was captivated and awestruck by the details he could see whilst working up-close with invertebrates. During 2020, because of the Covid Pandemic, Paul was confined to working from home. It was during this time he took up macro-photography in his garden to keep his passion for insects alive and to educate his young children on the mini beasts they encountered each day. Since then, his love for photography and insects has really pushed him to develop his skills in macro-photography.

Paul recently won WeNaturalists ‘Photographer of the Year 2023’ for his insect-macro-photography. His photography has been featured by the BBC, Glasgow Times, and he has had written articles about his passion for insect-photography featured in The Metro and The Herald. He recently became an Ambassador for the wildlife charity Buglife too!