Jack Perks is a professional wildlife photographer based in Nottingham. He’s written and illustrated articles for magazines such as BBC Wildlife, Outdoor Photography and Diver to name a few. He published his first book ‘Freshwater Fishes of Britain‘ in 2016 and his second ‘a field guide to pond and river wildlife’ is out in 2018. Conservation is a something Jack is passionate about, having filmed for many groups such as WWF, Natural England, RSPB and The Wildlife Trusts though the underwater world is what really fascinates him having photographed 53 of the 57 freshwater fish species (nearly there!) and enjoys nothing more then being by a river. Jack has a particular interest in the the less liked of our species like reptiles, insects, fish etc, and tries to put them in more of a positive light.

Along with stills Jack has featured and filmed for many TV programmes such as Springwatch, Countryfile, The One Show and Wild Britain. He currently teaches photography at Nottingham Trent University and a part time lecturer at The University of Nottingham.