Michael-Greenwings-2016Michael de Courcy Williams was born in Malaysia where the abundant gifts of tropical biodiversity led to an early interest in butterflies, amongst other creepy crawlies. His fate was sealed back home in temperate Ireland with a university education in Natural Sciences from Trinity College Dublin. A PhD on hoverfly morphology was followed with a post-doctorate study on the canopy fauna in coniferous forests.

Since 2007 he has lived in North Greece and a familiarisation of the splendours of this wonderful countryside has led to an even stronger interest in all aspects of conservation. His special interests have focused on the hoverfly fauna and how they can be used in habitat conservation in the Rodope mountain range. In addition the diversity of butterflies and moths, the latter particularly of Dadia National Park, are being explored as a way to emphasise conservation education and as fascinating subjects in their own right. Discovering and revealing the interconnections between the Balkan and Anatolian faunal and floral elements, their rather special ecosystems and the lesser well-known insect treasures they harbour are driving forces for his current interests.

Michael loves to share his enthusiasm for the natural world with guests and takes great pleasure in showing people the abundant wildlife he has on his own doorstep in North Greece.