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Steve Woodhall

Steve-Woodhall-field-portrait-by-Rob-Dickinson1Steve Woodhall started butterfly and moth collecting in the UK at the age of 5. He made the decision to go to Africa after seeing Born Free and finally made it (to South Africa) in 1980. He dabbled around until joining Lepidopterists’ Society of Africa in 1986. Steve spent the next 30 years running around Africa, collecting with net and traps, and with cameras. More recently, entirely with cameras since digitals started. Steve has been to nearly every corner of South Africa and lots of places in Zimbabwe, as well as East and West Africa.

He has even found time to be the president of LepSoc for last 7 years! In addition, he began publishing with Practical Guide to Butterflies and Moths in Southern Africa as editor and contributor in 1992. He was co-author on Living Butterflies of Southern Africa in 1998 with Henning GA & SF, and John Joannou. In 2005 he published Field Guide to Butterflies of South Africa, What’s That Butterfly? in 2000, Pocket Guide to Butterflies in South Africa in 2013 and recently, Gardening for Butterflies, co-authored with garden designer Lindsay Gray.


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