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Sotiris Alexiou

Sotiris AlexiouSotiris Alexiou is a Greek biologist with 15 years of field experience, predominantly the flora of Greece, but also the study of butterflies, reptiles and other fauna. Sotiris is passionate about promoting and protecting the rich diversity of wildlife in his home country, hence he started up his own publishing company ‘Wild Greece Editions‘. He is the author of the book ‘100 endemic plants of Greece’ and the editor of the open-accessed journal ‘Parnassiana Archives’, where various scientific papers are published, e.g. ‘The genus Colchicum L. (Colchicaceae) in Greece’.

Sotiris’s love for flowers has led him to explore many parts of Greece, from the islands such as Crete and Rhodes, the floristically rich southern Peloponnese, to the higher ground there, such as Mt.Chelmos. His intimate knowledge of Greek flora make him an indispensable guide for some of our holidays in his beautiful home country!


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