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At the very heart of Greenwings is conservation. That is why from every holiday we host at least 10% of the profits are invested in conservation projects or donated to wildlife charities.

Matt & Julian with Martin Warren, CEO of Butterfly Conservation

Matt & Julian with Martin Warren, CEO of Butterfly Conservation

Greenwings was founded by Matt Berry and Julian Dowding. A lifelong lover of all things wild, Matt’s childhood interest continued into adulthood and he made a career in nature conservation, where he has spent the past 20 years trying to protect, promote and enhance the natural world in his local area of Suffolk. His most recent projects are the design and implementation of an ecological network map for Ipswich,  and the development of ‘Wild Ipswich’, involving many conservation groups and organisations working under the same banner to make the town a wildlife haven.

Similarly Julian has been involved in local conservation as a volunteer for various organisations during the past 20 years and is currently warden for a SSSI heathland site, where he is striving to improve habitats for Silver-studded Blue butterflies and other important wildlife.

Matt met his wife Natasha in Greece. By having the opportunity to travel to various parts of Greece it wasn’t long before Matt developed a strong interest in the natural world of this fascinating country too. Like everywhere Matt could see that there was a dire need to promote and protect the natural treasures he witnessed. Both Matt and Julian have always believed that one of the best ways to protect the natural world is by inspiring people to care for it and that showing people the wonders that the natural world has to offer is one way to do that. In other words, helping people to observe & conserve wildlife!

And so Greenwings was born!

At the very heart of the company is conservation. That is why from every holiday we host at least 10% of the profits are invested in conservation projects or donated to wildlife charities. There are many other ways in which we endeavour to use Greenwings to protect the natural world; from providing valuable species records, using of our photos to promote wildlife and by getting physically involved in conservation projects ourselves!

The other very real value and benefit in taking people to visit other countries is that it helps support local businesses and communities and demonstrates there is a tangible value to the wildlife that can often be taken for granted, not noticed, or even harmed, by the local people that live among it every day. A great example of this is in Greece, where a hotel once used by hunters is now almost exclusively visited by guests paying to see and enjoy the local wildlife instead – all because of local people switching on to ecotourism.

Matt and Julian both have a strong interest in butterflies, so it was only natural that the Greenwings logo features one. It is a Green Hairstreak, one of Matt’s favourite species that he loves seeing and photographing on his local patch! Greenwings works closely with Butterfly Conservation and support the charity in several ways; direct donations from holidays, sponsoring competitions, supplying photos and articles and lots more.

Matt, Julian, and their small team of equally passionate naturalists,  aim to provide you with high quality, rewarding and, above all, enjoyable guided wildlife holidays.

Greenwings has an ever increasing number of wildlife experts in its team that perform the role of holiday leader. More details about them can be found on the leaders page and on the individual holiday pages, where appropriate. All of our leaders are professional and experienced. They are also friendly and caring, with a flexible approach – important qualities in making sure our holidays are a success for our guests. They will make it their number one objective for you to get the most out of your holiday.

As Greenwings grows, thanks to the wonderful support of its ever increasing group of ‘Greenwingers’, we promise to maintain our conservation ethos and quality of our holidays, whilst offering an even wider range of locations and wildlife. We look forward to welcoming you on a Greenwings holiday soon!

To read more about why we think you should choose us for your next wildlife holiday click here!

Finally, here are the somewhat boring bits we need to tell you about – our registered address and other company details….

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