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Turkey in Spring: Early spring flowers of The Western Taurus Mountains

Turkey in Spring: Early spring flowers of The Western Taurus Mountains


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NEW for 2024! Join us for a botanical exploration of the Western Taurus mountains with the knowledgeable & experienced expert on the regions flora Yasemin Konuralp!


Embark on an extraordinary journey that unfolds like the pages of a captivating story. As you bid farewell to the comforts of your cozy Mediterranean town in the early morning, a world of exploration and anticipation awaits you. The sun’s gentle warmth on your skin is a precursor to the adventures that lie ahead as you venture into the lower hills of the majestic Western Taurus Mountains.

These hills, like ancient storytellers, have tales to share, and with every step you take, they reveal the secrets of nature’s canvas. The contours of the landscape guide you through a tapestry of habitats, each offering a unique glimpse into the myriad forms of life that thrive here. A few hours’ drive leads you to Elmalı, a picturesque town nestled amidst limestone mountains, where a breathtaking plateau unfolds. This highland haven is embraced by lush cedar and juniper forests, punctuated by glistening streams and serene lakes. It becomes your sanctuary for the next two days, a realm of exploration and wonder.

But your journey doesn’t stop there. The next four days will take you on an enchanting odyssey through the Olympos National Park area. Imagine the blend of natural beauty, historical treasures, and the diversity of flora and fauna that await you. Picture yourself amidst the early blooms around Avlan Lake, where Viola, Aubrieta, and Astragalus paint the landscape in vibrant hues. Visualize the ancient city of Arykanda, perched high in the Taurus Mountains, revealing its grandeur through imposing stone structures and intricate mosaics.

As you visit the serene village of Çirali and the Lycian antique city of Phaselis, you’ll experience a unique blend of wonder and reflection. Each stop holds its own charm – from the coastal breeze in Çirali to the historical richness of Phaselis. The various plant species, historical sites, and wildlife encounters further enhance the sense of discovery and adventure, immersing you in the essence of this extraordinary region.

And for those seeking an extra layer of intrigue, an optional uphill hike to “Yanartaş,” the Chimera, invites you to delve into natural and mythological wonders. The eternal flame and the mysteries it holds bridge the gap between past and present, making your journey even more captivating.

Yet, remember, this journey is more than just about seeing sights. It’s about immersing yourself in the intricate tapestry that nature, history, and culture weave together in the Olympos National Park area. Close your eyes and imagine standing amidst the blossoming flowers, exploring the echoes of ancient ruins, and uncovering the hidden treasures that lie within this captivating landscape.

As your journey unfolds, you’ll find yourself not just a spectator but an active participant in a story that resonates with the heartbeat of the natural world and the rich layers of history. So, let your imagination run wild and your anticipation grow, for the journey that lies ahead is nothing short of enchanting.

The Taurus Mountains, called as Toros in Turkish, is a mountain range in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, running approximately 560 kilometers (348 miles) parallel to the coast, and forming the southern border of the Anatolian plateau. Rising at the western-most range of the Great Himalayas, it is Turkey’s second chain of folded mountains after Pontus mountains. The range starts from Egridir Lake in the West and extends to the upper side of the Euphrates (Firat) River in the East after making a long curve. Its northeastern extension across the Seyhan river near Adana city is called as Anti-Taurus.

The collision of the European and African plates resulted in this mountain formation in Anatolia. Limestone has eroded to form karstic landscapes of waterfalls, underground rivers, and the largest caves of Asia, especially in the Yedigoller valley.

We hope to welcome you on what will be a truly memorable tour!




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