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Mediterranean Autumn in Crete

Mediterranean Autumn in Crete


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Join us in the Greek island of Crete this autumn for fine displays of Colchicums, Crocuses, Sternbergias and Narcissi!

Autumn is a delightful time to visit Crete, one of Greece’s most botanically rich islands. Spring comes early here, with the first flowers blooming with the autumn rains.

Crocuses, Colchicums, Cyclamen, Narcissus, Sternbergia and Scillas flower at this time of the year and will be a major focus of our tour. Other things to see at this time of the year are the autumn fruits such as those of the Strawberry tree, Arbutus andrachne.

The timing of this holiday is planned to coincide with the best of the autumn flora. We hope to see Crocus boryiCrocus laevigatus, Cyclamen graecum, Colchicum pusilum,  Colchicum cretense, Narcissus serotinus,Scilla autumnalis, Erica manipuliflora and Biarum davisii. We visit the Omalos Plain at the top of the Samaria Gorge to see the endemic Colchicum creticum. We shall also look for the rarer Crocuses such as Crocus cartwrightianus and Crocus oreocreticus.


We should expect a mixture of mild and cooler days, and hopefully some autumn sunshine, although we must also be prepared for some colder weather and possibly some rain.




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