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Cyprus in Autumn: Bird Migration

Cyprus in Autumn: Bird Migration


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Join our brand new autumn tour of Cyprus for bird migration and more! 

Cyprus position on the  bird migration routes makes it one of the best place to  observe migrating  birds both in spring and autumn. This coupled with the two large salt lakes, which attract thousands of flamingos and the presence of 3 endemic species and several subspecies add  interest. These are the Cyprus Wheatear, the Cyprus warbler and the Cyprus Scops owl. Cyprus hosts high mountains, reaching almost 2000 meters. Here, in high pine forest we find different birds, such as the local races of the crossbill, jay, coal tit and short-toed tree-creeper.

Summer extends a long way  into autumn, with sunny, warm days. The first of the autumn rains trigger new flowering, with the landscape awash with autumn squill. Many butterflies are still on the wing and we should look out for Small copper, Lesser fiery copper, Grass Jewel, African Grass Blue, Long-tailed and Lang’s short-tailed blue, Wall Brown, Hermit, Cyprus Grayling, Pigmy, Millet and Mallow skippers. Other interesting insects will  be the Cone-headed Grasshoper and several species of Praying mantis.

Cyprus four species of lizard will still be active and we shall see them all. There is always the chance to come across a chamaelon.

The holiday will focus on birds, but we shall not ignore the plants, butterflies and reptiles that we come across.



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