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Dates: 14th – 22nd April 2024

Price: £1,895 Places available

Single Room Supplement: £150

Deposit: £150 per person

Price Includes: Accommodation, all meals, ground transport, services of guides, holiday report

Not Included: International & internal flights, travel insurance, drinks, entry fees, and any other personal items

Conservation Donation: Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland (BSBI)

Leader(s): Yasemin Konuralp + second leader for large group

Group Size: Minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 guests plus 1-2 leaders

Holiday Highlights

  • New botanical tour led by an expert local guide & author on the flora of Turkey
  • Enjoy a rich variety of spring bulbs and other flowers, including a number of endemics
  • Slow pace with plenty of time to enjoy the flowers, other wildlife, plus soak up the atmosphere of the picturesque locations we’ll be walking in
  • Experience some of the local culture & customs of the region
  • Focus is mainly on plants, but all other wildlife of interest will be observed
  • Direct flights available from the Uk to Antalya & back again from Dalaman

Join us for a botanical exploration of the Western Taurus mountains with vastly experienced and knowledgeable local guide & expert on the regions flora Yasemin Konuralp!


NEW for 2024! Join us for a botanical exploration of the Western Taurus mountains with the knowledgeable & experienced expert on the regions flora Yasemin Konuralp!

Embark on an extraordinary journey that unfolds like the pages of a captivating story. As you bid farewell to the comforts of your cozy Mediterranean town in the early morning, a world of exploration and anticipation awaits you. The sun’s gentle warmth on your skin is a precursor to the adventures that lie ahead as you venture into the lower hills of the majestic Western Taurus Mountains.

These hills, like ancient storytellers, have tales to share, and with every step you take, they reveal the secrets of nature’s canvas. The contours of the landscape guide you through a tapestry of habitats, each offering a unique glimpse into the myriad forms of life that thrive here. A few hours’ drive leads you to Elmalı, a picturesque town nestled amidst limestone mountains, where a breathtaking plateau unfolds. This highland haven is embraced by lush cedar and juniper forests, punctuated by glistening streams and serene lakes. It becomes your sanctuary for the next two days, a realm of exploration and wonder.

But your journey doesn’t stop there. The next four days will take you on an enchanting odyssey through the Olympos National Park area. Imagine the blend of natural beauty, historical treasures, and the diversity of flora and fauna that await you. Picture yourself amidst the early blooms around Avlan Lake, where Viola, Aubrieta, and Astragalus paint the landscape in vibrant hues. Visualize the ancient city of Arykanda, perched high in the Taurus Mountains, revealing its grandeur through imposing stone structures and intricate mosaics.

As you visit the serene village of Çirali and the Lycian antique city of Phaselis, you’ll experience a unique blend of wonder and reflection. Each stop holds its own charm – from the coastal breeze in Çirali to the historical richness of Phaselis. The various plant species, historical sites, and wildlife encounters further enhance the sense of discovery and adventure, immersing you in the essence of this extraordinary region.

And for those seeking an extra layer of intrigue, an optional uphill hike to “Yanartaş,” the Chimera, invites you to delve into natural and mythological wonders. The eternal flame and the mysteries it holds bridge the gap between past and present, making your journey even more captivating.

Yet, remember, this journey is more than just about seeing sights. It’s about immersing yourself in the intricate tapestry that nature, history, and culture weave together in the Olympos National Park area. Close your eyes and imagine standing amidst the blossoming flowers, exploring the echoes of ancient ruins, and uncovering the hidden treasures that lie within this captivating landscape.

As your journey unfolds, you’ll find yourself not just a spectator but an active participant in a story that resonates with the heartbeat of the natural world and the rich layers of history. So, let your imagination run wild and your anticipation grow, for the journey that lies ahead is nothing short of enchanting.

The Taurus Mountains, called as Toros in Turkish, is a mountain range in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, running approximately 560 kilometers (348 miles) parallel to the coast, and forming the southern border of the Anatolian plateau. Rising at the western-most range of the Great Himalayas, it is Turkey’s second chain of folded mountains after Pontus mountains. The range starts from Egridir Lake in the West and extends to the upper side of the Euphrates (Firat) River in the East after making a long curve. Its northeastern extension across the Seyhan river near Adana city is called as Anti-Taurus.

The collision of the European and African plates resulted in this mountain formation in Anatolia. Limestone has eroded to form karstic landscapes of waterfalls, underground rivers, and the largest caves of Asia, especially in the Yedigoller valley.

We hope to welcome you on what will be a truly memorable tour!

DAY 1 –  April 14, 2024 /Sunday             Arrival to Dalaman                   O/n Hotel in FETHİYE

Arriving at Dalaman Airport. Group transfer to the town of Fethiye.

Meals: Dinner.

DAY 2 – April 15, 2024 / Monday            Golgeli mountains                    Overnight at Hotel in ELMALI

As you leave your morning haven, you’re stepping into nature’s enchanting realm. Orchids are your goal—nature’s delicate gems. The morning light guides you through the lower hills of the Western Taurus Mountains, each step revealing diverse habitats and untamed beauty.  Ophrys holoserica, a mimicry expert, pulls you into its captivating world. Anacamptis coriophora stands tall as a guardian, showcasing evolution’s artistry. Anacamptis pyramidalis rises like an ancient monument, a tribute to nature’s geometry. Cephalanthera epipactoides invites with grace, thriving in shaded corners. Orchis anatolica graces your path with its intricate beauty. Fritillaria acmopetala nods in royal welcome. Bartsia trixago and Silene cryptoneura add vibrant colors to this journey of renewal. Every petal speaks of life’s cycles. Absorbing the lower hills’ beauty, you ascend to Elmalı’s high plateau—a new chapter unfolds. The chief town of growing apple, Elmalı is settled on a high plateau surrounded with high mountains of Western Taurus range, slopes covered with Junipers and Cedrus libani, there may be some snows at the top of the mountains.

Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

DAY 3 – April 16, 2024 – Tuesday           Akdag Mountain                       Overnight at Hotel in ELMALI

We have visit to Mount  Akdağ (White mountain) is rising over 3000 meter on the plateau covered with snow in winter. As we are ascending to Green Lake, we will be seeing Orchis purpurea, beautiful scented Muscari muscarimi,  white-flowered Aethionema iberideum, yellow form of  Aethionema cordatum, Aubrieta canescens as well. As snow melting, higher yaylas (pastures) covered with fields of Fritillaria pinardii along with Scilla bifolia. The day will end with a look at hills for endemic Fritillaria kittaniae.

Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

DAY 4 – April 17, 2024 – Wednesday      Dirmil Hills                                 Overnight at Hotel in ELMALI

Setting off early in the morning, our journey leads us to the captivating Salur Mountain and Elmalı through the scenic route of Dirmil. Our excitement is palpable as we anticipate discovering the newly found Crocus salurdagensis, a special addition to the rare and unique plants of the area. Along the way, we eagerly look forward to encountering the petite yet enchanting Fritillaria serpenticola, Turkey’s smallest inverted tulip. The endemic Viola dirimlensis and the sweet banana-scented Muscari macrocarpum are set to add a touch of charm to our botanical adventure. As we ascend the serpentine hillside, the sight of Turkey’s only yellow Hyacinth promises to be a remarkable highlight. Our journey allows us to pause and appreciate not only the plants but also the busy pollinators that make this ecosystem thrive. With each day, we gather memories and knowledge, leaving us with a heart full of gratitude for the unique beauty that Salur Mountain and Elmalı offer through Dirmil’s route.

Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

DAY 5 –  April 18, 2024– Thursday / Avlan Lake – Arykanda antique city  Overnight at Hotel in the village of ÇIRALI

After completing our check-out, we embark on a new adventure Olympos National park area for four nights. Our first stop driving to explore the picturesque area around Avlan Lake. Here, nature treats us to the early blooms of Viola heldreichiana, Aubrieta deltoidea, Astragalus pinetorum, Cerasus prostrata, and an array of bulbous plants like Ornithogalum lanceolatum, Muscari armeniacum, Tulipa armena, and the captivating Orchis simia. Amidst this floral spectacle, we immerse ourselves in the beauty of these early flowers, taking in the delicate scents and vibrant colors.

Our journey then leads us to the hidden gem of Arykanda, a scarcely visited site nestled high in the Taurus Mountains. This ancient city once held sway over vital trade routes and now unveils its secrets to us. Perched on a pine-covered slope, Arykanda boasts an awe-inspiring architecture constructed from imposing basaltic stone blocks. Many of the grand structures still stand, and intricate mosaic floors offer glimpses of its illustrious past. As we explore this historical treasure trove, we’re transported back in time, awed by the ingenuity of those who once inhabited these lands.

From the heights of Arykanda, our journey takes a different turn as we make our way to the tranquil Mediterranean coast, arriving at the charming village of Çirali. Here, we’ll find respite and a welcoming atmosphere after our day of exploration. The coastal breeze and the serene ambiance of the village invite us to unwind and reflect on the wonders we’ve encountered throughout the day. As the sun sets over the Mediterranean, we relish the memories created during our journey through the blooms of Avlan Lake and the ancient marvels of Arykanda.

Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

DAY 6 –  April 19, 2024– Thursday / Olympos National Park- Çirali          Overnight at Hotel in the village of ÇIRALI

As we continue our drive, our journey unfolds through forests, bushes, shores, and unexpected corners where a treasure trove of orchids from the Ophrys, Orchis, and Serapias species await our discovery. Along this botanical exploration, we encounter a diverse tapestry of plant life, including the vibrant Ranunculus asiaticus, the endemic Lathyrus belinensis, the captivating Dracunculus vulgaris, the elegant Asphodeline brevicaulis, the exquisite Orchis anatolica, and perhaps even the elusive Tulipa orphanidae, among others.

For those seeking an extra dose of adventure, an optional short uphill hike is available to “Yanartaş,” also known as the Chimera. This captivating site holds an eternal flame, a phenomenon that inspired ancient legends and rituals. In times past, the Chimera was revered by the Lycians as a mythological creature capable of unleashing fiery destruction upon cities. The mesmerizing eternal fire adds an air of mystique to this location, where past and present intertwine.

Our journey takes us further as we explore the ancient city of Olympos, which lies intertwined with lush vegetation. This site offers a fascinating glimpse into the Roman period and the ancient Lycian culture. Amidst the greenery, intriguing ruins beckon, each telling a story of a bygone era. Our visit to Olympos adds depth to our journey, providing insight into the historical layers that have shaped this land over time.

Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

DAY 7 – April 20, 2024 – Friday               Termessos                                Overnight at Hotel in the village of ÇIRALI

Following a satisfying breakfast, we set out on a new day of exploration, this time directing our course toward the eastern slopes of the Bey Mountains. As we venture through the Calabrian pine forest, the landscape gradually transforms, welcoming us into a cedar forest. Here, a captivating sight awaits: the ground between the majestic cedar trees is adorned with a mesmerizing colony of Paeonia kesrouanensis, a floral carpet that enchants the eye.

In the afternoon, our journey takes us to the heart of natural wonder at Gulluk Dag National Park, nestled within the Taurus Mountains. Here, the serene wilderness envelops the partially forest-covered remnants of the 3rd Century B.C. Pisidian fortress-city of Termessos. Our path leads us into the hills, and with each step, we draw closer to the city’s ancient ruins. Amidst the park’s enchanting hills and valleys, a rich habitat thrives, providing a haven for diverse wildlife and offering us a splendid example of Mediterranean macchi vegetation.

As we explore this pristine environment, the landscape unveils its treasures: the alluring Greek strawberry tree (Arbutus andrachne), the Turpentine tree (Pistacia terebinthus), the wild jasmine (Jasminum frutescens), and a plethora of other botanical wonders, including junipers, Calabrian pines (Pinus brutia), holly oaks, and the endemic Muscari racemosum, blooming in its full glory during this time of year. Our journey through the Gulluk Dag National Park not only leads us to the remarkable ruins of Termessos but also immerses us in the beauty of a flourishing ecosystem, a testament to the enduring vitality of nature.

Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

DAY 8- April 21, 2024 – Saturday           Phaselis                                    Overnight at Hotel in the village of ÇIRALI

As the sun rises, we embark on a morning exploration, our destination the Lycian antique city of Phaselis. Here, history and nature intertwine, offering us a unique opportunity to delve into the past while immersing ourselves in the surrounding flora. The enchanting Olympos National Park unfolds before us, a rare haven in Turkey where the lush forests and the sparkling sea coexist in harmony. As we venture forth, we’re greeted not only by the echoes of historical ruins but also by the diverse richness of flora and fauna.

Amidst our investigation of the park’s botanical wonders, we might be fortunate enough to encounter some of the region’s fascinating amphibians and reptiles. Bille’s Lycian salamander, the Anatolian Worm Lizard, the Common Toad, the European Tree Frog, the Starred Agama, and the Spurred Thighed Tortoise may reveal themselves as we tread carefully through this vibrant ecosystem.

Amidst the park’s botanical tapestry, a myriad of fascinating plant species awaits our discovery. This month, our eyes may fall upon the delicate Cakile maritime, the captivating Centaurea aegialophila, the striking Trigonella coerulescens, the cheerful Anthemis ammophila, the intricate Campanula delicatula, the elegant Erica sicula, the unique Onosma strigosissima, and the resplendent Ptilostemon chamaepeuce. Each of these species adds its own charm to the mosaic of life within Olympos National Park, offering a window into the complexity and beauty of the natural world.

As we explore the park’s historical ruins, flora, and the thriving wildlife, we find ourselves immersed in a captivating experience that resonates with the rich layers of history and the vibrant pulse of nature.

Meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

DAY 9- April 22, 2024 – Saturday – ANTALYA AIRPORT

Group transfer to Antalya Airport which is 2 hrs driving from the village of  Çirali.

Meals: Breakfast

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