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Moths & Butterflies of The Queyras

Moths & Butterflies of The Queyras


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We’re excited to be able to offer a new summer moth & butterfly watching holiday in the French Alps with the ever popular Tristan Lafranchis!

Let Tristan show you one of the best areas for butterflies in the Alps, which also happens to  one of the most beautiful and scenic!  The flora of the area is equally attractive but we will focus mainly on both moths and butterflies.

During the day we will visit various habitats between 1,300 and 2,700m to enjoy the high diversity of mountain butterflies. Dry grasslands are home of Great Sooty Satyr, Osiris Blue, Mountain Alcon Blue, Escher’s Blue, Turquoise Blue. Woodland clearings and margins host Silvery Argus, Titania Fritillary, Purple Emperor, Large Ringlet etc. Subalpine meadows are full of flowers visited by Apollo, Mountain Clouded Yellow, Mountain Dappled White, Niobe Fritillary and Chestnut Heath. Higher up, alpine grasslands will be explored for Warren’s and Dusky Grizzled Skippers, Small Apollo, Mountain and Shepherd’s Fritillaries, Cynthia’s Fritillary and many species of Ringlets, whilst screes have a specialized fauna with Sooty and Silky Ringlets and the uncommon Alpine Grayling.

Walking will vary from easy short walks on flat tracks, medium-length walks (200-300m upwards) and possibly a longer walk with 700m upwards to find some high altitude species such as Cranberry Blue and Moorland Clouded Yellow.

In the evening we will put a moth trap on a balcony at the hotel. The moth-trap will be open in the morning before leaving for butterflying. On several evenings a moth-session outside in various sites in the valley will be offered. The moth fauna includes many noctuid moths, several nice mountain species of Tigers. There are less species than at low level but most of them are mountain specialists and this will be a chance to see them.

We will visit the following places:

Valley around Ristolas the most gentle walk to enjoy subalpine butterflies and flowers.

Belvédère du Viso, where a broad track goes through extensive meadows. On the track itself mud-puddling usually is excellent with many Blues and Skippers easy to observe and to photograph.

Lac Egorgéou: a group of lakes at 2,400-2,500m famous for scarce plants and uncommon alpine butterflies.

Col d’Agniel: on the border with Italy, one of the highest road in the Alps (2,744 m). A good access to high mountain butterflies and flowers.

Abriès: meadows in the valley and dry south-facing slope just above.

Valpréveyre: at the upper limit of the woodland, along a broad stream for an easy walk.

This promises to be a fantastic and very popular tour – we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment!


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