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The Italian Dolomites

The Italian Dolomites


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Explore one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes found anywhere in the world for its rich Alpine flora!

The Dolomites are a distinctive and beautiful area that takes its name from the crystalline magnesium limestone rocks that make up the peaks that tower vertically above the valleys. The shape of these mountains is unique having risen out of the sea around 250 million years ago. Ice and wind modelled the rocks creating the steep walls, towering spires and pinnacles typical of these mountains which have always been a source of wonder and a favourite destination of rock climbers. The crevices hold a distinctive flora of magnesium loving plants.

The holiday is based in the Val di Fassa, in the village of Campitello. Valle di Fassa lies in the north-east part of Trentino on the borders of the province of Bolzano and Belluno. The river Avisio flows through the valley and it is surrounded by the most spectacular and famous Dolomite peaks, such as the Sella Group, Sassolungo, and the Catinaccio with the Torri del Vajolet and the Marmolada. The Val di Fassa is one of the places of the area where Ladin, the oldest language in the Alpine region is still spoken. Thanks to a modern cable-car it is possible to reach the Col Rodella very quickly, with a view on Pian, a picturesque hamlet belonging to the village of Campitello, and on the Sassolungo group.

From here we shall explore the valleys of the area on day-long but easy walks and to visit a number of different habitats. We shall see many beautiful and colourful plants in the meadows and a number of interesting orchids including Cypripedium calceolus. Taking the cable car up to Col Rodella we shall explore the higher alpine areas where the first snow melt plants will be coming into flower. We hope to see Crocus vernus, Soldanella alpina, Ranunculus, Pulsatilla alpestris, Primulas, Androsace vitaliana and Gentians.




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