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Chris Hall


Chris Hall has been mad about wildlife for as long as he can remember and has been a keen birder since he was a lad. As soon as he was old enough he began travelling independently in search of wild places to explore, and has now been to many parts of the world that he used to dream about as a small boy, brought up on a diet of Daktari, Look with Peter Scott and Animal Magic with Johnny Morris.

Having graduated at The University of Birmingham with an Honours Degree in Biological Sciences, he began his working life as a Science Teacher, eventually working part time as a bird and wildlife watching tour leader. For almost twenty years now he has been designing, organising and leading wildlife watching tours for a growing ‘family’ of loyal regulars, and has now guided over 130 tours worldwide. His aim is to provide a top quality wildlife experience in a nice social atmosphere at a relaxed pace. The fact that so many of his clients keep coming back for more shows that he must be doing a good job!


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