Amanda BorrowsAmanda Borrows is an Ecologist & has been a Wildlife Tour guide for the past twenty years.   She grew up in the rural countryside of Lincolnshire, and from an early age was off exploring nature, bringing home live & dead things to the horror of her mother.  It was during these years that she was taken under the wing of a local farmer & birdwatcher, who taught her the skills of bird-watching, mammal tracking, & lamb birthing!

Her career has spanned a wide variety of work all over the world, from Senior Countryside Ranger in Hastings to Scientific Expedition Bird Co-ordinator in deepest darkest Peru. She has experience in environmental education & produced a book for the young learner.

Amanda’s passion for travel & exploring new countries has taken her to all seven continents and her enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge & experiences with like-minded travellers is infectious.